* Lanao del Norte: The Land of Beauty and Bounty

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Lanao del Norte: The Land of Beauty and Bounty

Manila Bulletin aril 5, 2010,

From its many majestic waterfalls, relaxing coastlines to rugged plateaus and verdant mountains rich in flora and fauna, the Municipality of Sultan Naga Dimaporo in Lanao Del Norte province pulsates with electrifying cultural diversity of gentle and proud people — one of the many windows into the soul of the often misunderstood Mindanao.

The province abounds with scenic spots which are potential tourist destinations. This includes historical sites, man-made and natural attractions, such as four lakes, nine beautiful waterfalls, nine natural springs with warm and cold water and nine beach resorts, thanks to its pristine coastal waters.

At least ten (10) festivals are celebrated annually in the province, which typify the life and culture of the people of Lanao del Norte, their religious beliefs and aspirations in life. These festivals usually draw people from other places and celebratiosn of such are spearheaded by the local government units and the Department of Tourism that promotes and provides assistance in the festivity.

Sultan Naga Dimaporo is located at the southwestern part of the province of Lanao del Norte. It is bounded on the northwest by the municipality of Picong (Sultan Gumander) in Lanao del Sur, and on the west by the municipalities of Tukuran and Aurora, both in Zamboanga del Sur. Farther south of the municipal water is the tip of Illana Bay which reaches the Celebes Sea lane.

Today, it has become a much-visited host to sea adventurers. "Sultan Naga Dimaporo is the perfect starting point for exploring Lanao Norte's beaches as it is blessed with a golden sunrise peeking out from the open sea and wondrously preserved by protective coves," said Mayor Motalib Dimaporo.

Nearby are diving sites dating back to Spanish times. Plunge into Sultan Naga Dimaporo's underwater world and you will discover a fantastic view of a multi-hued coral ecosystem.

There, too, marine fauna abounds. It is a haven for dolphins, whales, marine turtles, and the endangered sea cow (dugong).
Daar waar de regenboog eindigt daar zal ik nooit komen totdat ik daar ooit zal zijn